Susan Levi Wallach

Editorial services

Writer / Editor
Co-winner of the 2014 Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize

Recent and forthcoming in 2014:
June 1972 (poem): forthcoming in The Frank Marshall Review
In Taiwan (poem): forthcoming in the Best of Black Heart anthology
What Tassio Fulgrass Thinks of Life (flash): Fall Lines 2014
Botany (poem): Bayou Magazine 61
From Some Room (poem): RiverLit, March 2014
Still Life with Frogs (short story): Southern California Review
Memoriam, That Evening, and Catalogue (poems): Literary Matters 6.4
Lupine Moon (poem): the Columbia Broadside Project and chapbook, with artist Sammy Lopez
White Noise (poem): Four Chambers, December 2013
Another Day for the Monkeys (short story): 2013 Porter Fleming Literary Competition, first place in fiction
The Innate Force of Matter
(flash): RiverLit, September 2013
(poem): 2013 Faulkner-Wisdom Writing Competition short list and 2013 Porter Fleming honorable mention
You Are Ordered To Appear
(flash): RiverLit, August 2013
And I’ll Blow Your House Down
(short story): American Athenaeum, summer 2013
(poem): The Moth, summer 2013
Simon of the Desert
(short story): basis for the short film Grace, spring 2013

Read my short story Pool at Best Fiction

Member: The Authors Guild, South Carolina Arts Commission Roster of Approved Artists, Editorial Freelancers Association, Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers

I am a professional writer and editor available for short- or long-term projects. My portfolio includes nearly two thousand articles in national publications and online. In addition, I have more than twenty years of experience as an editor, including senior positions at McGraw-Hill, Thomas Publishing, and Rodale.

If you have a novel, story, thesis, annual report, press release, or other writing project you need polished, I can:

  • Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage
  • Check internal logic and thought flow for clarity
  • Find redundancies and inconsistencies
  • Ensure compliance with the specified stylebook

If you are preparing for an interview or a book tour, I can:

  • Give you techniques for developing confidence
  • Help you build your presentation skills
  • Show you how to get the most benefit from media exposure

For more information or a quote on a project, please get in touch:


Great job. Thanks again for all your help. You made it a very easy process for us.

Oh what you did with my work is absolutely marvelous! It is exactly what I wanted to say.

2 thoughts on “Susan Levi Wallach

  1. Dear Susan,
    A fan referred me to your writing. You are accomplished and gifted. Your writing is impressive. I am glad I found it.

  2. Hi Susan
    I’ve written a novel, it is pretty far along and is mainly narrated by an old black man. Set in Texas and the Deep South after the Civil War the language is simple and relies mostly on imagery and humor to get its message across. Have you edited any Southern novels particularly with African American vernacular? Though having said that I am happy with the dialect; it is low key and smooth. Without making any commitments, yet, I might be interested in getting you to look at a few early chapters and for you to do a sample edit and if it suits both of us we can take it further. I will pay you for this of course.
    Yours sincerely
    Gary Power

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